We're still in Shanghai, inside the Great Firewall of China. Sorry I haven't written in a few days, it's been frustrating using the web here, as many pages load really slowly and some not at all or only intermittently. I've even had trouble with Wikia at times with "page not available" warnings. On Moday we head to Thailand where we'll have internet a plenty and I'll be back with more photos and stories of good times then.

So, while I have you, here's a quick update of Shanghai:

We're staying on West Nanjing Rd in the Jing An district. Nanjing Rd is aparently the largest shopping district in the world. Eek! It's multiple times the size of Kowloon, where we stayed in Hong Kong. So far we've mostly just been walking around, soaking up the city. There's a major roadway called The Bund that borders a river that splits the city in half. There's a "site-seeing" tunnel that goes under the river, and we were down there anyway eating yummy american food (which is sorta hard to find here so we were pretty stoked on our "traditional ceasar salad," "mexican nacho's" and "vanilla burger") so we decided to check it out. It was 10 bucks one-way, and it was litterally one of the siliest things you can spend 10 bucks on ever. It's basically just a little tram car that pulls you through this tunnel that is filled with the absolute cheesiest lighting schemes. I really can't do it justice here, so once I have a better internet setup, I promise I'll post some pictures.

Last nigt we met up with Dax's friends Carlos and Chris, who live in Shanghai. They are super fun and took us to a nice dinner and after hours party. It was really great meeting up with them and getting more of a local's perspective on this massive and very foreign city.

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