Good morning!

This post is entitled, Shanghai Day 1, but the day hasn't really started yet, so I'll fill you in on the last 14 or so hours that led us to this point.

We landed in Shanghai airport yesterday evening at around 5:30 (17:30 as the clocks read here). The customs officers were friendly and we had nothing to declare so the process was pretty smooth getting through the gates. And then, all of a sudden, here we were, in China!

Thankfully, the signs still had English on them, and we were able to enlist the help of a nice English-speaking information desk woman who informed us of our hotel transportaion options. There's no trains, which was our first choice, so we asked about taxi fares. She told us the price in RMB (chinese money) and then quickly converted that into Euros. (I thought that was cute that she thought we were European.) So it was going to be 55 euros to get to our hotel in a taxi. Hmm, a little steep. "How much for the bus?" we asked. She said, "the bus is cheap." Good enough for us!

Not only was the bus cheap (about 8 USD for the two of us), but it dropped us off just a few blocks away from our hotel! It took about an hour in traffic to get there, but it was comfortable, clean, and quiet, and we listend to our mp3 players the entire time. Dax was listening to some sort of techno or house no doubt, and as for me, Lady Gaga. :)

But yeah, did I mention the bus dropped us of a few blocks away from our hotel?! Not only that, but our hotel is this massive tower that we even spotted before we got off the freeway. We didn't even have to ask for directions, we just walked in a straight line. It was drizzling and cold, but we were relatively prepared with our layers and rain-resistant shells.

Dax was nervous about the hotel quality before we got here, but there was no need for any of that because this place is dope. It's a five star hotel with a pool, a spa, and aparently, two outdoor tennis courts.

We found a burger joint last night for dinner. Dax got a chocolate shake and I got a martini, so all in all, two happy campers.

More to come!

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